Flashback FridayWe know Apple today as a company with slick devices and memorable ads, but back in its early days, even they were capable of some pretty horrific video as well.

As we await the debut of the iPad 3 next week, I stumbled across the video you see above that the company showed at a retailer meeting in 1984.  It's filled with all sorts of 1980's stereotypes from bad synthesizer music, to women wearing shoulder pads and streaking lights.  You can excuse the what was then a young company falling for the trends of the time, but how they ever thought this was going to pump up retailers to sell their products is beyond me.

In its earliest days, Apple was all about breaking the mold and thinking different, so canned shots of people being pumped up just feels so wrong somehow.  It just feels so … so … corporate.

Thankfully Apple got away from this type of video, and, love them or hate them, at least the current crop of Apple produced videos at least stick with you and tend to be iconic.  (how many parodies have you seen of the iPod silhouette ads?)  This one will just inspire nightmares for weeks to come.

Perhaps we will someday look back at commercials for Siri and wonder what Apple was thinking.  Or maybe even the inevitable iPad 3 commercials, but I'm fairly certain nothing Apple ever does again will make cringe as much as this video did.