Flashback FridayVoyager 1 appears to have finally left our solar system. Should an alien culture ever find it and play the infamous golden disc, what sounds will they hear?

Ever since Voyager 1 launched on Sept. 5, 1977, we have always heard about “the golden disc” that it and Voyager 2 carried with them. The plan always was for these two probes to eventually leave our solar system and cruis out into interstellar space. If an alien species somehow came across them, wouldn’t it be nice if there some sort of view into what our lives our like?

The discs are audio visual discs which contain scientific facts about our location in the cosmos, our biology, our understandings of some math and recordings of various sounds and greetings.

The likelihood of an alien species ever discovering either of these tiny spacecraft is pretty small, but it’s nice to think that some day an alien species will see one of the Voyagers drifting in space, take it into their craft and get to experience Mozart for the first time… and then promptly come find us and destroy our planet with a giant death ray.

At least they got to enjoy the Mozart?

Kidding aside, as you listen to the above audio track, imagine how this would sound if you didn’t know any of these audible cues to familiar things. Would a baby crying startle you? Would you planet have oceans and you know the sound of waves crashing? The mind boggles at how you would process all of these “alien” sounds and images.