Flashback FridayAh, the Mini Disc. Yet another in a long line of failed formats.

I've made a few references to the Mini Disc over the course of this column, but I realized I've never actually included a video of it. Shame on me.

While this video isn't 100 percent about the Mini Disc, gaming editor Joey Davidson insisted I include the weird little alien Sony tried passing off as a mascot for a little while.

The MiniDisc was introduced in 1992 as a recordable CD that Sony thought could easily grab the market from CD-R discs as it was estimated it would take a decade for those to become affordable.  Sadly for Sony, that wasn't the case and blank CD-Rs fell like a rock in just about no time flat.

While the format never gained any real traction in the United States or other locations, it did find some fans in Japan.  If you know where to look, you can still find the products around Sony's home country, but as of just this past September Sony finally stopped shipping the products.

For a product that became the butt of many technology jokes, it did hang on for 19 years, and you kind of have to tup your hat to it for that.

… and then immediately return to mocking it.