Flashback FridayWho knew that Mel Brooks was a futurist and knew that everyone would someday have a portable phone that could ring at inappropriate times.

Most of you have probably at least heard of the television series Get Smart – if not the original 1965 to 1970 television series, than at least the 2008 film. One of the mainstays of this comedy was Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone. While an amusing sight gag through out the series, it never really dawned on me just how forward thinking it was.

It’s shocking to think that Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, the co-creators of the series, sat around and thought about how annoying it would be to have a phone with you at all times. Little did they know a few decades later every movie theater would kick off its showings with a request for you to silence your phones. Or could they have imagined there would be a trade show such as Mobile World Congress that is dedicated to nothing but what is essentially the shoe phone?

While this isn’t exactly the normal way we bring you tech from yesteryear, this was just too amusing not to bring up to our faithful readers.