Flashback FridayYou can keep all of your modern gaming systems because I will argue until the end of time that the Super Nintendo was one of the best gaming systems ever released.

Whether you call it the Super Famicom in Japan or the Super Nintendo in the United States, the early 1990's console from Nintendo was hands-down one of the best ever released.  Sure it was limited by its cartridges, but it was still a killer system with a library of games that could make you go nearly broke buying all of the awesome titles that came out.  To this day I still have my original SNES, and it is still hooked up to a television.  While it may not see as much action as my Xbox 360, it does see me turning it on a lot more than my Wii.

Compared to the original Nintendo system, the SNES represented a stunning leap in technology from the graphics to controllers that felt far more natural in the hand.  It was just an all around awesome system that I am still proud to say I own.

I would also go so far as to say, if I could only take one gaming system with me to a deserted island (yeah yeah, just assume I have a power source some how), it would be this one.