Flashback FridayWith Modern Warfare 3 seeming like a lock for release this fall, I naturally got excited as I've loved the previous two installments in this series.  However, any time a new first person shooter (FPS) is about to be released, I think back to one of my previous favorites, SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals.

I played so much multiplayer of this PlayStation 2 game that you would have thought it was my job.  Watching this video of the map "Fish Hook" brought back a ton of memories … and also made me realize just how well I remember the layouts of all these maps.  It makes me wonder what important information was pushed out of my head to make room for that knowledge.  (Yep … I officially no longer remember the capitals of all 50 states, but I can tell you to always throw a grenade over the short wall on the left hand side of the map in "Sujo".)

It's because of this game that I also get a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach every time a game I love gets a sequel because of it.  To be blunt, I despised SOCOM 3.  I hated that game like no one's business.  And ever since that crushing disappointment, a sequel to a beloved game of mine makes me wracked with nerves.  "Will it live up to the last one?  What stupid thing are they going to add to 'improve' it?"  I'm sure that I am not alone in this feeling as we have seen it happen in so many series, but this is my touchstone for good games gone wrong in a sequel.

Modern Warfare 2 was a far better game that I had hoped for, but unlike the first Modern Warfare, it eventually left my Xbox.  Considering all of the drama behind-the-scenes at Infinity Ward since the last game, my hopes are not high for this game at the moment.  I will still pick up a copy, I'll give it a go, but the entire time I will be thinking, "Did I just buy the 2011 version of SOCOM 3?"

What game sequels have left you longing for the days of the previous installment?