Flashback FridayOh you kids with your smartwatches! Back in my day…

There has been a lot of talk this week about smartwatches. Whether it be rumors of the iWatch, leaked images of a Samsung device or even the CooKoo we’re giving away, smartwatches are on everyone’s minds it seems. And that reminds me of the 1980s fad where it seemed as if everyone had a calculator watch.

Casio attempted to build off of the popularity of the calculator watches by releasing a slew of other phones, but none of them ever had quite the same success. The reason? Well, most of the people buying the original “smart” watch were school kids who thought they could get away with cheating on math tests with them. Of course the drawback was that the buttons were so small that you almost always had to use a pencil or pen to push them which not only led to marked up watches, but it also being pretty obvious what you were doing.

Of course the watches that are being discussed now are a totally different breed of device and will do far more than give you the answer to question 23 on your math final, but it is rather amusing to me to see this trend come back around.

Now comes the question if people want to go back to wearing a wristwatch, and that will be one of the biggest hurdles this resurgence will need to clear.