Flashback FridayHailing from 1983, we find this lengthy video sent out to RCA dealers to promote the upcoming line of Selectavision monitors.

Even in the early 1980's consumers were already getting to the point where they had more items to attach to their televisions than they had connections for. For the time, a monitor such as these Selectavision sets were extremely advanced, and you paid through the nose for them. One of these could set you back around $800, or $1,842 in 2012 money.  Sure, you're paying the same or more for some of today's televisions, but when you think about how much more they can do now, it's a bit mind boggling.

High-end televisions always have commanded a correspondingly high price, and they probably always will.  If you're going to be at the forefront of any technology you can usually expect to pay a premium, and with television sets, there always seems to be some sort of bleeding edge tech out there to keep you reaching for more.

So, yes, chuckle if you must at the wonders of component cable connections being considered high-end, but I'm 29 years someone will chuckle about HDMI being the newest and greatest connection for your video needs.