Flashback FridayIn this day and age of walking into a Walmart and seeing bins filled with $5 DVDs, it may be hard to realize there was a time when buying pre-recorded media was treated as a special event.

Ah, Time-Life, what would we have done without you in the 70s, 80s and 90s? There was a time when there commercials were so common place for special video offers that you couldn't hardly turn on a TV without seeing them. This one really harkens back to where pre-recorded media was such a rarified item that you only had a handful of choices. And if you'll notice, they weren't just movies, they were all sorts of educational programming … you know, stuff you would typically watch once.

And the bound edition of the boxes just cracks me up.

Also amusing in this video is, we've seen this guy before on Flashback Friday! Yep, he was the guy who taught us how to set the timer on our VCR, and it was on the same machine he's showing us the videos on. How odd.

Oh the early days of video, what a fun time that was.