flashback-fridayApparently back in 1991, Nintendo felt the need to train every retailer in how to properly handle customer service when it came to the NES.

Discovered this little gem while cruising around YouTube the other day, and while it isn't really  "wow, they had messed up thoughts on the future" or "lets take a look at history" like we usually do, it's still an interesting slice of Nintendo history.

Considering this video is now 20 years old, can you remember the last time you were treated so well with a technical issue, return or exchange?  Can you imagine walking into a Walmart now like the mother does with her son in this video, and saying it just didn't work and a clerk walking you through proper port usage?  Sure, it might happen in a GameStop, but imagine it happening in some of the big box retailers.  Not too probable, is it?

I can remember back when Nintendo did have all this customer information in stores, you actually couldn't escape it, but I couldn't tell you the last time I saw anything like it.  It just slowly disappeared over time, and I think as other game systems entered the market, it wasn't as easy for retailers to justify so much focus on just one of the companies.  Sure, they could have allowed Sega to do the same, but can you imagine counters then covered in pamphlets?

The one part of the video that did make me chuckle was selling the NES cleaning kit.  The entire time I was sitting there, thinking in my head, "Or, get some q-tips and rubbing alcohol …"  $11.99 for a cleaning kit?  Highway robbery.

Videos such of these have existed in just about every industry for decades now, but there's something more fun about them when they relate to games.