Flashback FridayThe RAZR ended up being both a blessing and a curse for Motorola, but there is no question that it changed how we thought about cell phones forever.

How was such a hugely successful phone a curse for a company? Easy. Motorola hung on to this design for far longer than it should have. With the rise of the original iPhone the smartphone market really took off, but yet Motorola kept hanging on to the basic RAZR design. As it struggled to keep up, and wasn’t able to, that was what finally led to Google buying the company.

Despite those issues, the RAZR was an amazing phone and deserved a place in Jon Rettinger’s top 10 phones of all time. Heck, I can remember the first time I saw one in person it was the first time I believe I ever referred to a mobile device as “sexy.”

The RAZR name lives on now, but there will always only be one true holder of that name in my mind.