We all know that Sept. has become the traditional month for the Apple iPod line to be refreshed, and with the evidence that has just come out that new cases are ready, it looks like this year will be no different.

It's hard to believe the iPod Touch has only been around since Sept. 2007, but it's true.  It looks like the fourth iteration of the device will finally be getting a rear camera, but we still don't know on the front facing news.  Hopefully it will, but who knows.

ipod touch 2007It's also interesting to reflect back that this was prior to the App Store and support.  Look at that picture to the right.  Look how barren the poor little thing looks; wasn't it just screaming out for some more applications?  Now with this new version being the first (we assume) to ship with iOS 4, it will be amazing how different the device will appear and function after such a short period of time.

Enjoy the look back at the iPod Touch launch, and, isn't it funny how Steve always says, "I happen to have one right here" while introducing a new product?  Amazing how that always seems to work out for him …