Flashback FridayIt's hard to believe it's only been 10 years since Apple launched its Apple Store retail outlets as it feels like they have been around forever.  With the anniversary happening this week, and the rumors of a revamp to the retail locations happening as early as this weekend, it only seemed appropriate that for this week's Flashback Friday we take a look back at the first Apple retail location.

This video was shown to developers before the first store opened in Tysons Corner Center in Virginia, and while there have been some minor changes in the intervening decade since the launch, the same basic aspects are there.  Well, you know, except selling music players from other companies … that kind of went away with the launch of the iPod.

When you look at the amount of floor space Steve Jobs showed off for software in this video, it makes you think about the current setup of the stores.  I haven't been in one of their retail stores since I was in Las Vegas back in Jan. for the Consumer Electronics Show, but as I remember it, there was maybe eight linear feet on the left hand wall towards the back for packaged software.  That isn't so much a commentary on Apple Stores as it is on the changing nature of software.  Who needs retail packaging any more when you can download virtually every program out there?

Beyond the layout of the store, and the minor changes made over the years, this video is just awesome for listening to all of the usual Steve Jobs buzzwords.  Can he really be that excited about a rear-projection screen?  Maybe so, but he just seems a little too happy, but that might come with being "no genius".

Congrats to Apple on having over 300 stores and making it 10 years.  Not an easy task in this day and age for any company.