Flashback FridayWith it looking like Mac OS X Lion will launch next week, it seemed like a good time to take a look back at the introduction of the OS itself, all the way back in Jan. 2000.

It's hard to believe that the same operating system has been around for 11 years now, but it's true.  With Lion just now rolling out, even if this is the end of the line for OS X as some suspect, you have to figure it's got another two years or so of life left in it meaning it will hit those awkward teenage years.

What's amazing as you watch these three videos is how much has changed at the same time that so little has.  The dock is still the dock, it just got a whole lot prettier to look at.  And what about those awesome tools from Adobe, huh?  Yeah … the feeling for sure changed there.

What hasn't changed?  Steve Jobs' outfit.  Just once I would love to see a photo of his closet.  I wonder if his pajamas are bright florescent colors just so he can tell his night time clothes from his day ones.

It's just a little walk down memory lane as we get ready for the launch of Lion.  For fun, see if you can count the number of times Steve Jobs says "wonderful" and "magical".  You may want to get out a scorepad.

Do you have any fond memories of OS X over the years?  Features you loved the introduction of?  Share them in the comments.