Flashback FridayIs it truly possible that there was a time where people had to be trained en masse to use a phone? Yep, it happened.

Last week we brought you a detailed 1990s Motorola video on how to use your cell phone, and this week we jump way back to 1927 for a short film that was shown in movie theaters to teach people in the Fresno, CA area how to use a phone.  Telephones in private homes was still a brand new concept, and so people needed to be walked through their most basic features to know how to use them.  (And remember, don't jiggle the hook … no matter what happens, don't jiggle the hook!)

We constantly talk about how such-and-such technology is "revolutionary" and "changing the world," but can you remember the last time something was released that essentially everyone in the world had to be trained to use it?  What was the last thing to hit so many people at the same time that large-scale training had to be done?  Nowadays it is more of a one-on-one style of training, but imagine going to the theater and seeing horribly outdated trivia questions, you'd instead sit there and learn how to use the new replicator technology that will be producing your dinner.

It's a strange thought to be sure.