Flashback FridayEarlier this week we ran an article about the new TiVo Premiere Elite. This monstrosity of a DVR sports four tuners and enough recording space for 300 hours of HD programs.  And that got me to thinking back to just how far this technology has come in a relatively short time span.

I'm not sure what year this Today Show clip is from, but it's a fairly lengthy segment explaining what a TiVo can do for people and comparing it to the VCR.  They mention the distinct advantages of using a DVR, but they still don't think it will replace VCRs because, as Matt Lauer says at the 5:57 mark:

But it will not make VCRs obsolete because again if you want to save things to play back later, and play back movies, the VCR is still the way to go.

Oh, if they had only known.

The TiVo has come a long way over its history, and the idea that you can now record up to four shows while watching a fifth is just mind boggling to me.  To be honest, what would you even do with that much content?  How would you ever possibly catch up?  I currently have a TiVo with two tuners and it always feels like I'm racing to watch things before they get deleted for space, so my mind actually boggles at this concept.

Either way, the TiVo did definitely change the world of television as we know it, the only question is really if it was for the better.