Flashback FridayYou know what I've always dreamed of? A low resolution camera that prints to thermal paper.  Thank goodness Nintendo already took care of this for me.

While conversing in the TechnoBuffalo staff chat room the other day, the subject of useless accessories from days gone by came up.  One of the items mentioned was the Game Boy Camera and its accompanying printer.  I had totally forgotten about this gem of the late 1990s.

Taking amazing photos at 128×112, the Game Boy Camera was never marketed as a serious item – as evidenced by the commercial above – but it was so entirely useless that you do have to wonder why it was ever released.  I was unable to find any sales statistics for it, but something tells me it wasn't exactly a huge seller.

Perhaps even crazier than the camera itself was the idea of selling a thermal printer.  For those of you who have ever gotten a receipt printed on thermal paper, you know it has a life span of about 0.2 seconds in your wallet.

Overall this has to rank up there with the Power Glove sold by Mattel for the original Nintendo system on the useless scale.  The trend still happens today sadly of accessories being sold for items that absolutely don't need to exist, and somehow I don't ever see that stopping.  As much as I like to make Flashback Friday about the things from the past, this is an issue that still haunts us to this day.

What is the most useless accessory you've ever purchased for a gadget or electronic?