Apple fans rejoice! Apple's worldwide developer conference is a few days away, taking place in San Jose Conference Center, where the very first WWDC took place in 1988.

The San Jose venue was the home of many later WWDCs all the way till 2002 when Apple switched to Moscone West in 2003.

We are very excited that Apple is going back to its roots, in fact, last time Steve Jobs took the stage in 2002 was when he announced the company's intentions to end OS 9 development and shift all focus on OSX in one of the most memorable moments in WWDC history.

How did he say goodbye to Macintosh OS 9? A funeral, yeah, you heard me right, a complete mock funeral with a casket on stage to say goodbye to the beloved OS which was very different compared to previous Apple events.

Take a trip to the past with us and have a look:

Saying goodbye to the long used OS9 was a big move for Apple that refreshed Macintosh software development and shifted eyes to their new OS X Jaguar with a full line of updated apps like iPhoto that were exclusive on OS X. To show its great capabilities over its predecessor, OS X Jaguar also introduced several new features, such as QuickTime 6 with MPEG-4 support and HFS+ file system that is still used today.

Apple Going back to their roots and taking the San Jose stage in 2017 might signal some changes. We hope we see a big overhaul, a turning point like what we saw in 2002, maybe not a literal funeral, but we hope that when they go up that stage. Their impact would be as big as their last conference held there in 2002.

One thing we can't get out of our minds after watching the 2002 keynote is that Apple should have held such a funeral for the Headphone jack back in September. It would have been much cooler than the infamous "Courage excuse".

Actually, if we take a look at the past year, we said goodbye to many memorable products and features that are close to our hearts such as USB-A and all the other ports on the new Macbook Pro, Magsafe, the Macbook Air and the slowly dying iPod line.

The Software development driven conference will definitely bring us the new versions of iOS, MacOS and WatchOS with some hardware announcements to follow later in the event, we hope that just like in Moscone West, Apple's decorations will reveal the company's new OS names hours before the event.

Do you miss any of Apple's gone but not forgotten products? Do you think we will see another funeral in 2017? Leave us a comment below and stay tuned for more WWDC17 here at TechnoBuffalo!