Flashback FridayE3 2012 is now in the rearview mirror, and while it brought us lots of cool new games, what was the show like when it started way back in 1995?

We heard all about the Wii U, Halo 4, The Last of Us and ton of other games, but E3 has been around for 17 years now.  Let us travel back in time to 1995 where the convention was getting its start, the Atari Jaguar had just been announced, the Sega Saturn was on its way, and Sony had some crazy idea of launching something called a "PlayStation."

The video is lengthy, but it's a fun watch as you see what the state of the art was at the time.  We may laugh now, but I can remember when my dad surprised me by brining home a ColecoVision, and the idea I could play video games in my home as opposed to having to go down to Wizard World or Twin Galaxies (a town of 17,000 people and we had two arcades directly across the street from one another …) was just mind blowing to me.

So join me in a trip down memory lane to see what gaming was like 17 years ago.