Flashback FridayIt's amazing how actors like Leonard Nimoy will sometimes take any acting job, even if it means talking to a glowing rock.

Think of this as a continuation from last week's Flashback Friday about video discs.  I made a brief mention of Magnavox's entry into the medium with a format called DiscoVision.  It was also known as MagnaVision, but the discs were called DiscoVision for some unknown reason.

To explain this exciting new technology to people, Magnavox called upon Leonard Nimoy to play what appears to be a futuristic human to look back on the "fascinating" technology … while talking to a blinking rock that spoke squeaks.  As odd as this sounds, it's still better than the creepy Pre-girl from those phone ads.

What can I say, it was the early 1980's and we were all still recovering from the 1970's.  Just sit back and enjoy some true oddness of a technology promo that involves a man and his blinking rock.