Flashback FridayThis week's post about Microsoft's Home of the Future hit me right in an area I love: Predictions of futurists.  I've featured a lot of them here on Flashback Friday, and that's because they always make me chuckle when you think of how wrong they got it.  Of course, last week's prediction of tablets from 1994 was a rare exception, but in general, boy do they get it wrong.

I had already used the video of the most famous house of the future, the one that was in Disneyland in its early years.  I had to get creative to find another good example, and I stumbled across this gem that was aired by the BBC in 1967.  Apparently in the "future" we will all rent computer terminals, and they'll even be cheaper than phones!  Huzzah!

Okay, not quite, but I looked at that massive machine next to the man's bed, the loud typing going off as information came in, and I couldn't help but think of the iPad 2 that spends its nights on the side table next to my bed.  It lays there quietly, collecting data for me, and in the morning, after throwing my alarm clock against the wall, and cursing under my breath that another day has begun, I immediately put on my glasses and begin looking over the feeds.  Everything is presented to  me in rich colors, playable video (so long as it isn't in Flash, of course) and even the occasional audio.

If you're the giving kind, you could almost call this video right.  There was a solution to information when and where you wanted it, including the bedside, it's just a whole lot quieter and smaller.  And, yes, it's almost like having a computer terminal wherever you'd like in your home, it just happens to be whichever tablet you prefer.

Okay, I'll give them a half point for this one, because the basic concept was on mark.