This one wasn't catching my amusement like the last two, but then about half way through we got to Microsoft Bookshelf, and we're off to the races!

Yes, folks, there was a time before Wikipedia where people still looked things up in books, or they had insanely expensive CD-ROMs they could pop in the drive.  $300 for a digital encyclopedia?  Yikes.  At the time that was a reasonable price, but now you wonder how anyone could ever sell something like that again.

How about dropping $500 on a "facsimile" card.  (Not sure why this guy was so against saying "fax")  I don't remember them being that high, but back then I had a fax machine, so I never really looked into the cards.

Then Mr. Schindler drops the bombshell with the $1495 document scanner.  Excuse me while I go pick up my teeth.  Using an inflation calculator, I found that would run around $2,800 now.  Remember, it was the ultimate Christmas gift!

While Flashback Friday is actually my favorite post to write every week, these last three have been my all-time favorites.  I'm going to keep digging to see how many more of these 1980's computer gems I can find.