Google spent a large chunk of its I/O keynote this week discussing its new Android Auto tools for the car. The company discussed how it would increase safety by making the driver less distracted, and it's interesting how far this theme goes back for companies.

I uncovered this little 1956 animated gem called Your Safety First while doing my usual Flashback Friday digging. (You would be amazed how creative I have to get with search terms sometimes.) It gets a little deep into the history of car design more than what futurists envisioned, but there is some fun stuff through out. Self-driving cars, 3D televisions, news at the press of a button and more.

Although I really dig the car with the gyroscopic cabin towards the end. I hate going up and down hills.

It's amazing seeing how much cars have changed over my life and continue to do so. My first car was a 1979 Cutlass Supreme Oldsmobile, and it was about bare bones as you could get. Now when I go out to the Irvine office and we have a car for reviewing or demo, it boggles my mind some of the things in them. I look forward to the day I buy a car again so I can have a rear view camera.

And a display so I could actually use Android Auto? Yes, please.

Now, as for that gyroscope cabin…