While I've personally never understood the allure of the iPod Shuffle, obviously people buy it as Apple keeps making new versions, and I see a lot of second generation clip-on ones when I'm at the gym.  Of course, I've also never understood the allure of putting my music catalog on shuffle as I like to know what I'm going to be listening to.  (And I make more than enough playlists to keep myself entertained)  Although, with current gen prices being $59 for 2 GBs and $79 for 4 GBs, it starts to make a bit more sense if you're on a budget.

iPod Shuffle 2009With the next iPod event coming next Wednesday, it seemed like a good time to look back at the first Shuffle.  We already re-visited the iPod Touch in a previous Flashback Friday, so why not take a look back its smaller brother?

It was … well … quite ugly to be honest. Of all the iPods I always thought this was the ugliest one, and luckily Apple went in a very direction with the release of the clip-on models.  We ahve really hard nothing about what this year's models will be like, but it's hard to imagine them getting smaller than the 2009 units.  However, we are talking about Steve Jobs here, so who knows what that man has up his sleeves.

We'll know for sure next week, and it is sure to leave us all scratching our heads a bit.