The Apple G4 Cube is one of those Apple products that occupies a weird space in the history of the company.  While it has its die-hard fans to this day, in general it got a very bad wrap during its initial release.

Coming out after the iMac, the G4 Cube can almost be seen as a precursor to the Mac Mini, but without the customer friendly pricing that the latter offers.

g4 cubeThe G4 Cube came without a monitor, but yet sold for $200 more than the iMac, placing it at $1599.  Beyond the higher price that threw off customers, the first release of the computer found cracks and marks in the acrylic case that was so integral to its design.  For a computer that included design as a major portion of its selling point, having any "cracks" or "seams" on it was just not acceptable.

In general people found it to be a decent system, but when you added in having to buy a monitor, it was just too much to fork over for a computer back in those days.

Apple can take one high point away from the Cube, and that is that they did accomplish releasing a beautiful device.  One that was considered so gorgeous that it ended up in museums as an example of modern art and to be admired for its design aesthetics.

Apple is certainly continued to design some fine looking products, but nothing has ever again come close to looking like the Cube, and its doubtful anything ever will again.  If you ever saw one in person, you know it really was quite impressive to look at, it just wasn't for those without deep pockets.