Flashback FridayIt's a bit amazing to think that in the early 1990's cell phones were still such a novelty that people needed training films to use them.

I stumbled across this gem of an early 1990's Motorola phone demo video on YouTube the other day, and it just blew my mind when you think about how many more things our phones do these days.  As our own Jon Rettinger is fond of mentioning unboxing videos as he tosses the manuals to the side, "books that no one will ever read."  But think about it, you're now carrying phones in your pocket that are more powerful than the computers most of us used back in our childhoods (milage will vary based on your age), and we don't think twice about needing to learn how to use our handsets, we just do it.

Not to be too harsh on the folks who used cell phones back in the early days, the idea of the "Send" button was a bit odd when you think about it.  Why would you press that to answer your phone instinctively?  Perhaps they could have gone with "S/A," but still in green?  Who knows, at least it worked.

It was rather amazing to see the data pack add-on.  While it's common place to see people online in all sorts of places these days, can you imagine what a mind-blowing experience that was back then for someone to see when online connectivity wasn't even that common in homes yet?  Of course, I'm sure the speeds coupled with some outrageous data cost was enough to stop more than a few people.

Oh cell phones of 20 or so years ago, will you ever not make us giggle at least a little bit?  I doubt it.