Flashback FridayCan 21st kids handle 1980s technology? Apparently not.

I have no clue where this originally aired, and I hate to be hard on kids, but seriously? How could they not figure out how to fire on an Atari 2600? It had one button! I can forgive the eight-year-old for the cassette player, and I can even forgive Ashley – whom, by using email and gossip sites qualifies as “knowing her way around a laptop – for not knowing how to use a tape drive. I can get that.

But come on boys, really? You couldn’t figure out how to hit the one large, orange button? Really?

But, kudos to all of them, they figured it out. And I have to admit, this isn’t something I had ever thought about. Just as my parents used to tell me about technology of years gone by before I was born in 1971, it never occurred to me that today’s kids wouldn’t understand some of the tech I grew up with.

The missed opportunity here? 8-track tapes. “What do you mean I can’t rewind it?”