There’s no telling how long Apple will let this app live in the App Store, but FlashArmyKnife combines seven small utilities and one big hidden one; the ability to tether your device.  Apple is usually pretty diligent in their effort to thwart such hidden utilities, but as of this writing, the app is still available for $1.99.  Aside from tethering, other utilities are a flashlight with adjustable brightness, built-in web browser with bookmarks,  trigonometry calculator, satellite view map, currency converter, compass and battery indicator, but we all know you won’t be using many of these.

It’s a bit convoluted to enable tethering, but run the application and hit the calculator tab at the bottom.  Next, enter the following without commas “1642, M+, C, 1452, M+, C, 1943, M+”  if entered correctly, the calculator will read ‘run.’  Tethering is now activated (HTTP port: 6667, SOCKS port: 6668).   Once you are done sharing your connection, tap “c” on the calculator to close the connection.   Happy downloading.

Here is a tutorial on how to get it working.