Here's a video from the Game Developer Conference held in San Francisco last week that previews the upcoming software update headed to WebOS sometime in the first half of 2010.  Everyone's up in arms that mobile devices don't have Flash capabilities since a majority of video content on the web plays through Adobe's platform.  We've already seen video from last year of the Pre flexing its Flash muscle but the latest is anything but impressive.

For starters, Hulu — reason for much of the mobile Flash demand — is nowhere near functional.  There's a glimmer of video stills from Hulu's television catalog but video playback is a no go.  The second Flash application is a game we've seen demoed on mobile previews before that's a simple tap and shoot game with no substantial controls.  Unfortunately, input lag is noticeable without touching the device and it's as basic of a game as you're going to get.

Show us something compelling or show us nothing at all, please.  Next.

[Via PreCentral]