The DCEU is struggling. This last weekend, Marvel’s Black Panther outdid Justice League‘s entire domestic run in just a few days.  While Wonder Woman was excellent and Aquaman has strong buzz, we’re worried about the Flash film, Flashpoint, and Warner Bros. and DC Comics aren’t doing much to help soothe our worries.

Sure, there’s the fact that the movie was without a director for what seems like forever, but now some details about the movie are apparently slipping out. That Hashtag Show has some details from what it calls reliable sources. Read on below, but beware spoilers.

According to the report, sometimes-Flash villain Dr. Light will be the big bad of the movie. Alongside him will appear Flash rogues Killer Frost, Heatwave, and Captain Cold. The latter three are, at least, consistent member of the Flash “Rogues Gallery,” and have enjoyed significant screen time on the CW’s Flash television show.

But let’s roll back for a second. The movie they’re trying to film is ostensibly Flashpoint, a story from the Flash series that has Barry Allen going back in time (because the Speed Force) to prevent his mother’s murder. This has a ripple effect in the comics that prevents Barry from becoming the Flash, and starts a war between Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and their respective kingdoms. In the world of Flashpoint, everything is topsy-turvy, and it’s all the fault of one man:

Well, it’s Barry’s fault for messing with time. But Reverse Flash helped put the pieces in place to make Barry particularly miserable. Note that Reverse Flash didn’t factor into the description above. Meanwhile, Dr. Light isn’t present in the Flashpoint story at all.

If these rumors are indeed correct, then it’s starting to sound like Warner Bros. already has another dud on its hands. We were already bearish on the whole Flashpoint affair, but this strange swap sounds like the meddling of a studio executive who didn’t like the sound of a villain called Reverse Flash. Who, admittedly, has an extremely goofy name. The kind of studio meddling that got us the 2003 Ben Affleck Daredevil adaptation or Joel Schumacher’s neon-lit Batman movies.

When Justice League hit this fall, Ezra Miller’s portrayal of the scarlet speedster was one of the bright points of an otherwise pretty-okay movie. Miller’s silly, jittery comedic timing felt right for DC’s fastest man alive. With that performance in the can and a pair of directors with comic-book movie experience – Spider-Man: Homecoming scribes John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein – at the helm, things were starting to look up despite all the staffing and casting problems the movie has had.

When the CW attempted to adapt the Flashpoint storyline despite not having rights to use most of the main characters from the story, it was generally considered pretty disappointing. But that main villain was intact and as scheming as we could’ve hoped for. And between the first season of The Flash and this year’s big “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover, in which Reverse Flash figured as a major villain, the CW has done a god job of proving that the yin to Flash’s yang can be genuinely entertaining.

Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman are rumored to appear in the movie, but there’s no word about Supes or Bats, so it’s hard to tell right now if even that aspect of the story will be missing in action or not.

Flashpoint is set to hit theaters in 2020, for better or worse.