Flash on mobile phones has been a touch subject for most mobile companies.  Until version 10.1, there's really been no source of optimization for the mobile world.  Adobe's already shown off Flash running on WebOS but they're prepared to adopt any platform that's willing to work with them (ahem, Apple) to develop the best Flash experience that a mobile device can bring.  Take a look at the video and you'll quickly realize that video playback is hardly clunky and something that many users could get used to.  There's no word on how it affects battery life but the fact that there's some choice for the user is all good in our book.  There's also a preview of some Flash games running on the Nexus One in browser and it's apparent native applications blow anything Flash can do out of the water.  Hope you Android users are excited, as you should be running this sometime in the first half of this year.

[Via Mashable]