We're expecting a lot of major releases over the coming months, including the Galaxy Note 9, Pixel 3, and Apple's trio of iPhone models. But consumers should expect a lot more between now and next year, with a ton of exciting phones coming out of China.

Ice Universe shared a global mobile roadmap for the remainder of 2018, and it includes 16 different flagships to get excited about, including the Huawei Mate10 and the OnePlus 6T.

There's no context surrounding Ice Universe's post. Is this a definitive roadmap of what to expect over the next several months? If so, it's a pretty significant leak, and should give consumers plenty of time to plan for what's coming.

It could just as easily be a list of when Ice Universe believes new flagships will be released, either based on rumors or previous behavior from manufacturers. For example, OnePlus last year introduced the OnePlus 5 in the summer and followed it up with the OnePlus 5T in November. We expect the company to follow a similar timeline with the OnePlus 6, as the roadmap shows.

The point Ice Universe could be trying to make is that Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 could struggle in the face of so much competition. The Galaxy S9 has struggled to sell well since going on sale earlier this year, something we could see repeated by the Note 9.

Either way, the roadmap highlights just how many good phones consumers can expect later this year. I have my eye on the Pixel 3, though it's already at the center of controversy due to its larger-than-usual notch.