Rapid Repair Tool Bundle

Modern devices are beautiful, but very fragile. Instead of coughing up a fortune next time your phone or laptop slips from your grasp, try fixing it yourself with the Rapid Repair Tool Bundle, which is $14.99 at TechnoBuffalo Deals.

The kit includes nine essential tools for any kind of device repair. Different manufacturers use different screw types, so you get six screwdrivers in total: Phillips, flathead, T4, T6, Pentalobe and Tri-wing. This little collection should be all you need to open up anything from an iPhone to a Nintendo Wii. Glued casings can be safely opened with the nylon prizing tools, while the provided suction cup is great for lifting off delicate screens. The tools are high quality, and they should suit hobbyists as well as DIY device-fixers.

The current deal wipes 25% off the usual price for these tools, and includes free shipping to the Continental US.