A lot of people have tried to rationalize what exactly the point of the iPad tablet is.  It can’t do everything a laptop or netbook can do when you factor in the lack of Flash support.  So what are scenarios that will make you glad to own an iPad?  Glad you asked!


This honestly could be a reason not to buy as well as it could be a reason to buy.  The apps can be darn useful depending on your intended use for the device.  Although most people look at how expensive the App Store can be, you can usually find a creative way to work around them with the free ones out there.  As the new iPad app selection keeps growing, there are sure to be more and more that will meet your needs while being free.

ipad newspaperE-Reader

The jury is still out on how much eyestrain this device is going to cause in prolonged reading, but considering how some books are on Kindle, but not on Nook, and vice-versa, the iPad can solve all those issues for you.  Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have announced apps for the iPad, and when you combine those with Apple’s own iBook store, you have three e-book stores/readers in one device.

Yes, the iPad costs a minimum of $499 compared to the $249 for either the Kindle or Nook, but seeing as you are getting three-in-one with the iPad, it does make it a better bargain in that regard.


Although the iWork tools are sold separately in the App Store, if you need them, you need them.  There are times that using a laptop is not conducive to the situation you are in, such as being on an airplane.  You’re already cramped, and you make it even more cramped with a traditional laptop, if you need to do some minimal work such as just reviewing documents, or just typing a document or two, the iPad would be the perfect solution.


Seton Hill University has already announced that it will be giving all of its full-time students an iPad this fall, and multiple text book companies have already said they will be releasing their text books via apps on the device.  The idea of carrying all of your text books in a device that weights less than a pound compared to carrying 50 to 70 lbs of text books sure sounds like a good plan to me.  The whole question will be what pricing they go with.  The college textbook racket is infamous for being a ripoff, and though you won’t be able to sell these off like you do the physical counterparts, if the pricing is right, it’ll be worth it.


This is somewhat akin to the iWork reason, but it can apply to just about anyone that travels a lot.  A device this small and light can easily fit in just about any piece of luggage and not weigh you down like some laptops do.  The power cord will also take up a lot less room in your luggage, so if you just have to stay connected while gone, but feel you won’t need a full laptop, go with the iPad to save yourself space, weight and hassle.