As Apple continues to push out updates that add demanded features, users are finding fewer reasons to jailbreak their iPhones. Still, there are some truly powerful modifications that resolve a majority of your iPhone gripes. We'll take you through five of the most useful jailbreak applications that might finally pull you into the jailbreak community.


#5 PdaNet

As it stands, those of us in the U.S. are without a tethering option. PdaNet provides an easy way to connect your computer to your iPhone's data service. Although it's against the ToS of AT&T (they obviously want you to pay for it), there's extremely low probability they'll ever find out (we won't tell if you won't). Until a tethering plan is announced from AT&T, jailbreaking is pretty much your only option.


#4 3G Unrestrictor

There are numerous apps that are only usable over a WiFi connection like Skype and SlingPlayer. 3G Unrestrictor tricks your iPhone into thinking it's on a WiFi signal, so every app that has been disabled over 3G works as it would on WiFi. That means no more grainy YouTube videos and no more restrictions on the size of the apps you download over the data network. For heavy SlingPlayer users, 3G Unrestrictor will make you one very happy camper.

sbsettings#3 SBSettings

SpringBoard Settings allows you to swipe across the status bar to drop down various settings and options. This can be triggered in nearly every application that displays the status bar. Think of it like a dock for the most popular iPhone settings. You can customize which options you want displayed, and just tap to toggle that setting. Within this menu, there's also a secondary dock where you can hold far more apps than the traditional four. One of the best features here, backgrounderis the ability to kill running apps that may be eating your battery.

#2 Backgrounder

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of Apple's applications that can run in the background. Thankfully, Backgrounder has created a solution that allows any app to run even after it's been closed. By holding down the home button for about one second, a notification appears to let you know the app will continue running after you let go. Don't worry, though, voice control is activated after almost 3 seconds so you won't accidentally trigger it. Disabling a background application is done the same way.


#1 BiteSMS

Quite possibly the most useful jailbreak app available, BiteSMS is about to blow your mind. Until now, every SMS you've sent required you to open the messages app to send. No longer. With BiteSMS, you press the volume rocker and tap the ringer icon that appears. This opens up an SMS quick reply window that finds your contact as you type their name, and allows you to send an SMS from any app without closing it. Incoming texts show the standard message and below it you'll find the standard reply box. Words cannot express the glory of this application and it's a path you'd expect Apple to have created.

What are your favorite Jailbreak applications?  Haven't Jailbroken? Why not?  Sound off in comments!