With the e-reader market getting ever more crowded, it’s about time for Amazon to make a move and let us know when the next Kindle is coming. Th first version was released on Nov. 19, 2007, version 2 hit on Feb. 9, 2009 and the larger DX version was announced on June 10, 2009. With the Apple iPad due to release in March, and a slew of other e-readers coming to market, it is about time for Amazon to make some type of announcement as to what is coming from the online retailer next.

Here are five things we would like to see in the next announcement.



Battery life, e-ink issues, whatever the excuse is, it doesn’t matter, there has to be a backlight at some point for the Kindle.  Yes, there is also an issue of eye-strain, but not being able to use the Kindle at night, darkened rooms, in long car rides and so on is a real downside to the product.

The majority of other products out there are coming out with backlights, and it’s going to become a deciding factor for consumers moving forward.

Book Lending

One of the biggest selling points of the Barnes & Noble Nook has been the ability for people to loan books to one another.  There are some definite limitations to this feature such as for how long you can do it, and the number of times you can lend a book, but it is the fact that the feature is there at all that appeals to people.

This seems like a simple fix on the software side of things for Amazon, they will just need to make sure that they have the rights to do so.

Color Screen

This is probably one of the biggest stretches for being in the next iteration of the Kindle due to the expense of color e-ink, but with text books becoming a bigger factor, color is going to become more important.  Without color there is no way to display certain graphs, works of art, detailed graphics explaining scientific ideas and a lot more.

If Amazon wants to expand into schools, beyond the issues its had over access to students with disabilities, it is going to need to add color.  True, it will be another battery drain, but it has to be considered.

DPI Increase

The resolution of the Kindle 2 is 167 DPI (dots per inch), and if it ever wants to ever think about handling serious graphics, such as black & white mangas if they still refuse to go color, that number is going to need to get a bump up.  Amazon might be able to get away with 200, but 300 would probably be ideal.

Touch Screen

It is well-known Amazon has purchased a company specializing in touch screen technology, now it’s time to start implementing it.  Perhaps this will be in the Kindle after next, but we can all hope for sooner rather than later.

What Do You Want?

So, what are you waiting for in the next Kindle?  What features top your list?