While we know you love TechnoBuffalo, we also understand that every once in a while you are going to wander off and look at other sites around the Web.  We promise our feelings won’t be hurt (he says as he fights back the tears), but with the number of tech sites out there it can be difficult to pick the best ones.  We’re going to humbly suggest five sites that we all couldn’t live without, and we think you might enjoy them also.

Ars Technica

ars technicaArs Technica has a tendency to come out a story not just from every possible angle, but to also offer you extremely in-depth analysis of the possible implications for the technology field as a whole.  This can make their articles a tad on the long side, but they are rarely not worth your time.

If you want to really know what’s going in the background of the technology world, this site is a must read.


lifehacker_logoIt’s easy to wonder some days if all this technology that is popping up in every corner of our lives really can make it any easier for us.  Lifehacker is a site from the Gawker Media family that tries to answer that question every day.  While the site does mix in some news for good measure, it’s main focus is on how you can take all of this technology that keeps coming at us every day, and apply it to your every day life to make it just that tiny bit easier for you.


makeuseofSomewhat like Lifehacker, MakeUseOf is all about finding you the coolest websites, Internet apps, free software and general tips that you may not have known where out there.  They also don’t tend to just do the easy stuff, they will also drill down into the nitty gritty of programs and spell out for you how to use certain features so you are really getting the most out of everything out there that you are using.


neowinNeowin is a site that focuses on Windows, PCs, Mac and Linux, but does mix in news from other sectors, including video games.  While the site doesn’t employ any full-time writing staff, it does use a selection of freelance writers, and stories submitted by members, to bring you a wealth of news and reviews on all of the latest products.

Using the mix of different writing sources provides the site with a fairly constant stream of new content that will keep you busy reading for most of the day.

Tom’s Hardware

Tom's HardwareTom’s Hardware can actually be a bit overwhelming at times.  While the site does cover news, it is is best known for in-depth reviews of products that can actually make your head spin.  I’ve seen some of their reviews get as long as ten pages, but they are always nicely formatted, and you can jump to which ever page interests you the most via simple navigation at the top of each post.

If you want the most thorough, in-depth reviews of a product you are considering purchasing, this is the single best resource out there.  They will test the device to within an inch of its life, show you the test results and make sure that you have every piece of information your heart could desire.

What are some of your favorite tech article sites to visit?