Beneath the Gizmodos, the Engadgets, and the CNETs lies a world of amazing technology websites just waiting to be bookmarked.  We'll take you through five amazing sites, which are sure to bring you breaking news and original content that the big names overlook.

Ars Technica


Specializing in original news and reviews, Ars Technica offers expert advice on technology topics with an emphasis on originality.  Ars reports tech news of any category ranging from gaming to gadgets to hardware and more.  Within nearly every category, there is a section specifically for news, guides, and reviews so users are sure to find information of value.  Ars also hosts its own OpenForum that provides readers with a community of tech enthusiasts to help get the best information available.


Everyone's life could use a little more organization.  Unclutterertechsites21 strives to bring some of the most original organizational techniques to rid your life of unnecessary clutter.  Unclutterer specializes in tips, product reviews, and strategies to reduce unnecessary clutter to make your life more organized and efficient.  The technology category is sure to offer some unheard insight into organizing your life through software, gadgets, and anything else within the realm of technology.  Check it out to get your neat freak on.



What started out as a conference, TED has expanded the their idea of 'TED talk' into some of the most inspiring videos on the web.  Whether it's a breakdown of a massive stroke or the unknown ease of transforming dirty water clean, the science and technology of the future is presented through the most jaw-dropping ideas that are sure to impress.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a history book for the web.  Built to preserve information from being lost,techsites41 Internet Archive is essentially a time machine that allows you to see the evolution of the web over time.  With over 2 petabytes (2,000,000 gigabytes) of data growing at 20 terabytes per month, you're nearly guaranteed a moment of nostalgia with your most favorite sites of the past.  Visit for a trip down memory lane.

You Suck at Photoshop

ysapsWhile not actually a website of its own, the 'You Suck at Photoshop' series puts a hilarious comedic twist on the art of Photoshop tutorials.  In this 20-part video series available on My Damn Channel, 'Donny Hoyle' takes you through some popular techniques that cover the basics of Photoshop.  There's something funny about his bitter outlook, his sarcastic demeanor, and the intrusive Skype calls from members of his World of Warcraft guild.  If you're a casual Photoshop user, you should be able to learn some new techniques in one of the most entertaining ways available.  After watching a few of these videos, you're sure to suck less at Photoshop.

What sites do you visit to get your tech fix?  If you've got a must-see site for us tech-heads, be sure to let us know in the comments!