fitbit surge

Fitbit may already have two new fitness trackers in its pipeline, but it looks like the company could launch a third device this year as well. The upcoming Fitbit Surge is a "fitness superwatch" with GPS and a handful of other exercise-focused features, according to a leaked screenshot obtained by The Verge.

The Fitbit Surge will offer the company's own PurePulse heart rate monitor and track all the fitness stats you'd expect from this type of wearable. The big news here is built-in GPS, which could help take your workouts to the next level, especially if you do a lot of running. It's unclear whether the GPS will work by syncing with your phone or whether the Fitbit Surge could feature its own cellular connection, though we're guessing you won't be able to leave your smartphone at home just yet.

Fitbit's superwatch will apparently cost $249 and come in black, slate and tangerine options. The design looks pretty similar as well, though Surge gets a bigger display to show constant fitness stats along with notifications from your smartphone. Otherwise it's the same sleek plastic strap.

It looks like the Fitbit Surge will be the company's flagship wearable this holiday season, though it's unclear if the device can compete with Android-powered smartwatches or just regular fitness trackers. We doubt most people will opt for a Fitbit over a Moto 360, but it might just be enough to win over some serious athletes who are interested in owning a smartwatch as well.