Fitbit's latest Force activity tracker has apparently been causing skin irritation in enough users for sales to be halted. The company on Friday provided an update acknowledging Force wearers have run into problems, and said an independent investigation lead to the recall. It's pretty difficult to track your activity when you can't even stand to wear the product.

According to Fitbit, materials used in the Force are apparently common in many consumer products, but for whatever reason users are experiencing allergic reactions. The immediate fix is to recall the force while a larger investigation gets underway. Fitbit said only a small percentage of users have reported any issue, though seemingly enough for the company to be concerned.

If you've been affected in anyway by the Force's unforeseen side effect, owners can get a full refund from the company. Incidentally, if Fitbit's Force isn't your thing, the company did mention that it is already working on a next-generation tracker, and will announces news about it soon. So maybe get your refund now and hope the company's upcoming device doesn't give you a rash?