Fitbit allegedly has a new tracking band, known as Force, that comes with a built-in altimeter for tracking how many flights of stairs you’ve traversed throughout the day. According to leaked press information acquired by The Verge, the device will slot in above Fitbit’s popular Flex wristband, and potentially start at $129.95 when it officially launches. Fitbit has refused to comment on the leak, though it certainly appears as though Force will be out soon.

In addition to a new “Floors” statistic, Force will come in both black and blue, and sport a physical button beside an improved display. The upcoming device will also double as a watch, sources claim, giving it greater functionality over devices in Fitbit’s lineup. Essentially, the Force is a collection of all of Fitbit’s technology into one device, though it looks more refined and evolved.

There’s not much more information about the Force, and none of this has been made official by Fitbit. The company’s Flex only just came out this year, but there’s been a lot of movement and interest in wearable technology. With so much press info and promotional photographs floating around, it sure looks like Fitbit is ready to introduce yet another fitness tracker. We’ll have to wait and see.