The Fitbit Force was pulled off of the market in Feb. 2014 after owners complained of rashes and other skin irritations that occurred after wearing the device. The company recently released its brand new Fitbit Charge wearable to officially replace the Force, though some folks are also noticing skin irritation problems with that, too. In an effort to calm consumers, CEO James Park recently addressed the issue.

"The reported cases represent just a few of the over hundred thousand sold and they differ greatly from what we saw with Force," Park said. "It's important to know that Fitbit's top priority in developing its new products was to eliminate the issues we had with Force. While Force's housing and band were held together with adhesive, which was determined to be the cause of nearly all allergic reactions, Charge's housing and band are held together with screws, completely eliminating the potential for any adhesive to contact the skin. We have conducted extensive testing with laboratories and consulted with top dermatologists to develop stringent standards so that users can safely wear and enjoy Charge, and we have worked to ensure that Charge meets those stringent standards."

Park suggests that the skin irritations any end users might notice from the Fitbit Charge could potentially be caused by any wearable device, whether it's jewelry or rings. Some users end up wearing fitness trackers for a longer time, however, and Park recommends removing the device for a few hours or days to give your skin a "break."