Back in 2012, Henry Fisker launched the Fisker Karma—a luxury sedan meant to revolutionize the way people think of EVs. It failed spectacularly, and the fate of Fisker was left up in the air for five longs years before we got an answer. The company, now named Fisker Inc, managed to stick around and is back with a gaudy electric sports car called the EMotion.

Fisker debuted the EMotion a few weeks ago and is now showing it off at CES in Las Vegas. It is the next chapter in Henry Fisker’s mission to develop a world-changing EV.

When talking about the EMotion, you have to start with the stunning design. Fisker was responsible for the design of the Aston Martin Vantage and BMW Z8 and he is still on top of his game even after multiple decades in the business.

The EMotion design incorporates elements found in super cars: Sweeping curves, sculpted fenders and gigantic wheels (24 inches) all set a premium tone to the EMotion. Fisker wanted to make a statement with the EMotion, and that statement came with the design, culminating with the doors.

When closed, discerning anything different with the doors is impossible, but once opened, they leave you in awe. The front doors open in a similar fashion to Lamborghini doors while the rear doors do the same, but instead of connecting to the B pillar, they connect to the back C pillar. This has never been done car before, providing a very distinctive look.

Fisker has been transparent in saying that the doors don’t exactly work right now. It’s still figuring out the challenges of the unique design hinge.

Most of the car is made out of carbon fiber and aluminum, with carbon fiber detailing found on the dashboard and outlining fascia of the car. Multiple displays live on the instrument cluster, center console display and a curved display taking up the bottom center area where you’d normally find all the car nobs. The EMotion version being displayed is the Chauffer Edition, which comes with an optional 27-inch curved display for the rear passenger. It’s comically large, as if some stuck a display on the back of the seat. Not sure what you will be able to do with it, but bigger displays are always welcomed.

The inside detailing will be available in two options: Caramel (which is the one being displayed) and Midnight Black with vegan leather. One of main arguments critics have against the Tesla’s cars is the minimalist interior of its cars. That’s won’t be a worry with the EMotion’s Caramel interior. In person, it looks uber premium.

Henry Fisker is touting the EMotion will have a range of over 400 miles thanks to the 145kWh lithium-ion battery. That will be charged up quickly using Fisker’s Ultra Charge technology.

Powering the car will be multiple electric motors that will produce 780 horsepower, go from 0-60 miles per hour in under three seconds and reach a top speed of 161 miles per hour. Should be plenty of power to have fun on an empty highway.

And if you are wondering, the EMotion will have autonomous driving. Level 4 to be exact, and that is made possible through the implementation of LIDAR technology provided by Quanergy.

Henry Fisker states the target launch date for the EMotion is 2019. Let’s just hope the rollout is a lot smoother than it was with the Karma.

Pre-orders for the EMotion are now open; it starts off at $130,000.