Earlier this morning a company named ICOA published a press release claiming that it was acquired by Google for $400 million. In a bizarre turn of events, Google has allegedly denied any plans to acquire the firm. Sources speaking to AllThingsD have said no such deal exists, which has us scratching our heads. Did ICOA’s press team accidentally publish a release that was written in case a deal ever happened in the future? Does Google want to keep it mum until it has its own release to push out? Something is awry here. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

Update: ICOA has confirmed that it did not send out the press release earlier today and that it was not acquired by Google. “I have no idea where this press release came from, what basis it’s on, and we do not want any part of it,” the company’s chief financial officer told The Wall Street Journal. “I wish I was in conversation with Google, believe me, and I’d take much less than $400 million.”

[via AllThingsD]