You're finally at cruising altitude and it's time for some snacks. Don't worry about fumbling for cash or reaching for your credit card; you're soon going to be able to buy a snack pack with your iPhone. JetBlue just announced that it's going to begin accepting Apple Pay for payments up in the air.

It's the first U.S. airline to jump on board with Apple's mobile payment service, and the airline said it's prepared to accept payments from folks packing an iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus or even an Apple Watch when the wearable launches. Apple Pay can be used for Even More Space seat upgrades, food and premium beverages, the airline said.

The roll-out will start on select flights between New York and Los Angeles and from New York to San Francisco during the middle of February, JetBlue said, and new flight paths will be added starting in March. The airline said it hopes to have all flights equipped with Apple Pay capabilities as soon as this June.

Flight attendants will carry iPad mini products that use special NFC cases to accept the payments, and the airline said that special software loaded on the iPads will alert flight attendants of folks who have special events, like a birthday, or who are frequent flyers. Hopefully additional airlines deploy the tech, too.