The first trailer for the Child's Play reboot dropped and it makes it abundantly clear that sometimes your toys come to life and instead of them being warm and inviting toys like in Toy Story, they turn out to be a murderous bunch that want to see blood spill.

Unlike most first trailers, the first trailer for Child's Play doesn't want to spoil the surprise quite yet because we only see very brief and shadowy looks at Chucky, yet we never actually see his face. I believe this is a genius tactic as it keep the mystery and fear alive for much longer.

We aren't privy to too many details of the reboot's story from the trailer. All we can ascertain is that this time around, Chucky is a mechanical toy from the company Kaslan that is supposed to "know" you. However, as you might expect it, at some point, he becomes self-aware and decides to go on a murderous rampage. The movie stars Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza who is the mom of a kid caught in the middle of the bloodbath.

The twist with the reboot seems to be that there won't just be one Chucky, there will be multiple that run around a town killing everybody in sight.

Child's Play will slash its way into theaters June 21.