I was just starting high school when Pokémon: The First Movie came to theaters. I had just completed a move from Georgia to Delaware, and I didn’t have that many friends at the time, so what better way to make an impression on your new community than to go see a Pokémon movie all by yourself… twice?

Hey, I got my Pokémon trading cards! I don’t need you to judge me!

Fans looking to relive those magic days of your wayward you can check out the movie in theaters in the coming month. On Saturday, Oct. 29, and Tuesday, Nov. 1, over 200 Cinemark locations will be airing the film for a special Pokémon20 event.

The first Pokémon movie is still the best Pokémon movie

Actually, it’s the only one I’ve ever seen, but if I like the first generation of Pokémon the best, I think this first movie will speak to me more. All I remember are Mew and Mewtwo duking it out at the end of the movie, and all of the Pokémon fighting clones of themselves.

This includes a memorable scene where Pikachu just starts crying as he smacks up his doppelganger to the point of exhaustion.


I’m not so sure I would feel the magic again seeing this movie in theaters, but I know what The Pokémon Company could do to get me to go again… promo playing card reprint!