The Order - 1886 Leak

I've half jokingly/half genuinely complained for many years that games were getting too long and that I simply don't have the time to enjoy all the new releases anymore. "Games need to be shorter," I thought, "because I need to be able to leap from release to release." Well, now that I have my wish I guess, I'm not so sure how I feel about it.

YouTube user PlayMeThrough has uploaded the first leaked playthrough of Sony's incoming shooter The Order: 1886, and the entire run clocks in at roughly 5 hours of footage. Meh, I can enjoy a five hour game, no problem. I've been doing that since the days of the NES! Maybe I won't pay $60 for it on launch day, but it's something that I can blow through in a nice afternoon later this summer, right?

Then it hits you that the captured footage is roughly half gameplay, and the other half is dedicated towards The Order: 1886's extensive use of "next-gen" talky interactive cutscenes. Over two hours of dialogue in a five hour game? That makes a bit shy of three hours of gameplay. And we thought Metal Gear Solid 2 was bad!

The response from the community has gotten under the skin of Ready At Dawn Founder and CTO Andrea Pessino, who seems a little annoyed in addressing the issue.

I've shied way from covering The Order: 1886 because it was plainly obvious what we were getting into when it first popped up on screen: a tech demo. I've always felt the gunplay looked no better than Gears of War, and the graphics were the only true star of the package. Beyond that, I never really had much of an opinion of it, and I wanted to just let it play out and see how the crowd reacted to it.

However, with the release date coming in later this week, I feel it's important that buyers know about this before jumping in. I'm the last person in this world to judge a game's value based solely on length, so don't take this as a condemnation from me. However, I know a lot of people out there do, and they should probably know about this before those pre-orders are up.

Our first AAA release of the year, and controversy could already be brewing. It's going to be a long 2015, isn't it?

The Order: 1886 will launch for the PlayStation 4 this week on Feb. 20.

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