Clearly, we haven’t had enough of all the tablet news.  Following up a slip by McGraw-Hill CEO who stated the tablet would be announced tomorrow running an advanced OS based off the iPhone, the good folks over at Engadget just received two images that seemingly appear to be Apple’s tablet.  In the cases we’ve seen up until now, the images have been clear fakes.  While they cannot confirm that the images they were sent as real, they look more so than anything else we’ve seen.

The image in question appears to house a larger, flattened iPhone with it’s notorious home button.  The top left seems to hold tabs for Safari running Google Maps in-browser.  As indicated in the top left, the device displays “No Service” reinforcing the idea of 3G connectivity.  The casing around the device is most likely a security measure and an accidental way to block full device photos, as attempted here.  Reported by AppleInsider late last week, Apple’s tablet resembles a “first-generation iPhone that’s met its match with a rolling pin.”  AppleInsider first reported in July that the 10-inch, 3G -enabled device would debut in early 2010.


Real or fake?  Let us know what you think in the comments.

[Via Engadget]