YouTube video creator freddiew has posted a completely new and entirely ridiculous short that takes the first level of Super Mario Bros. and jams it into first person perspective. The result is an outstanding blend of Mario meets Bulletstorm. Watch as the Italian plumber pulls off Skillshots like "Pole Dancer" and  "Acid Trip."

The video was made using 3DS Max and the description tells viewers not to expect one of these types of shorts every week. Apparently the video took over 60 hours to render. That, as they say, is bananas.

While we'd hardly consider it an act of copycat-ery, it seems that Freddie Wong was beaten to the punch with blending Super Mario Bros. and a popular FPS title. Four years ago, a video was uploaded to YouTube that showed a Half-Life 2 mod that, essentially, is almost identical to the clip that headlines this article.

Call it a coincidence, Freddie Wong and his cohorts have shown too much originality as a filmakers to have gone and ripped off someone else's ideas.

Now would be the time to share your favorite gaming spoofs and video clips. Think of all the wondrous distractions you'll provide readers with as they dive head first into hilarious shorts. Productivity will slow to a stand-still.